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Hayami-san's new CD

Hmm...since no one else has said this before, Hayami-san is coming out with a new music CD on 7-21-05. It's called すべては僕から始まった (Subete Wa Boku Kara Hajimatta, Everything Started From Me). You can buy it/pre-order it Here on CD Japan for about $26.

*jumps up and down in excitement*
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Hi There!

Hey, nice to meet you all, I'm new here =D
I'm 21 years old and I'm from Brazil (yeah, so please don't mind my english =D).

I'm also a huge Hayami Sho fan, his voice is sooo good and all, it makes me melt XD
I became interested in him after seeing Zetsuai/Bronze OVAs (series which I'm addicted, BTW) and start collecting all the songs.

Aaahm, dunno what else to say, just wanted to introduce myself =D
See ya!
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Night is Blind

Muraki Icons

Hi.  I'm new.  I love Hayami Sho.  It is hard to say which of his characters are my favorite, but I guess I would have to say Wolfwood, Shion, and Muraki.  So as a present to all of you.  I give you some Muraki Icons!

For all to share, just give credit since it's fair.

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Greeting ^_^

I'm thrilled to have found this community, I only wish I'd done so sooner!

I honestly can't remember when I became a Hayami Show fan, but I adore almost all of his roles and have spent far too much money on buying his CDs. I have developed a little bit of an obscure collection, which I love to share. ^^

As a greeting gift, I've uploaded a song from something called 'Den Shou Ou', which unfortunately I know nothing about, except that Hayami did a song for it. (Koyasu Takehito did, also, coincidentally). This is the original version, he does a remix of this song on his 'Rensa Chaine' album.

Den Shou Ou - SAME TIME ~ toki no karerade

Right click, save target as. I'll leave the file up as long as no one hotlinks ^_^

Nice to meet you all!
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Hello ^_^

I'm new here, so I thought I'd say hi. I've been a Hayami-sama fan for a while now, but it's been really frustrating because there are only a few English fan sites for him.

Since I'm sure most of you have the same CDs I have, I decided to share this radio show with him in it instead. It's about 30 minutes long and 5MB. Enjoy ^_^

Does anyone know if there are any translations of Rhapsody? I just started working on translating it and wanted to be sure it wasn't already translated (if it is I'll just start on a different song). It'll take me a really long time, considering I'm still learning how to read Japanese, but I figured I should at least start somewhere.

Also, does anyone know where I could get any live/video performances of him? I've never seen any...
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Guy Fawkes watches you sleep, I want my VTV
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Intro, of a sort. Hi. Eibii. Foaming-at-the-mouth Hayami fan since... um, since I heard him. Yeah. At least three or four years. Only learned precisely who he was after schooling myself in a bit of Zetsuai, and after that I was pretty much hooked. Favourite roles... Muraki, Wolfwood, Max Jenius, and of course, Dr. Hayami. *hearts* What an adorable nutbar he can be.

Speaking of nutbars! (Uh... yeah.) I'm inclined to share something I just found today that I think y'all might find terribly interesting, I've never seen it mentioned before and I'm rather tickled to find it exists. Do let me know if this is against community policy - I have no idea what CD this may be from, audio drama or other.

Short, and low-quality, but sweet(?) - it's Hayami-sama singing the Sailor Moon opening theme. (Left-click please, it's a YouSendIt thingie.) Definitely NOT a mislabel, this is indeed Hayami himself (with a brief intro from what seems to be Midorikawa Hikaru and, er, someone else I don't recognize ATM). Good grief. Enjoy, or, uh, something.

(Link reloaded on Wednesday, June 15, 2005.)
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Er...just a simple question...

Er...if it's possible...

Does someone have the lyrics for Monsoon?I'm digging the net for almost a week and I can't find it....thanks.



PS: if someone have the all silver clothing picture,I'll be grateful 'coz THAT is hard to find.

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