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Hi all. I'm a casual fan of Mr. Hayami's work, have been since I watched Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team in Japanese back in '02 . His role that series is of the main antagonist, whom I've had a big stupid obsession for since late '01 (my avatar is a chibi of him BTW). And he was definitely amazing in that role. Ghinius is the older brother of the series' female lead (Aina), and he's a weapons engineer for the Duchy of Zeon who progressively goes insane over the course of series. He's all kinds of screwed-up, and I find it irresistible, fascinating, and all-around awesome. I'd definitely take Ghinius over any character in Gundam Wing any day, though that's beside the point.

The way Hayami portrayed him was at times almost chilling, especially in the final episode. I kind of wonder if his role as Ghinius might've helped him land the part of a certain predatory, white-haired doctor we all know and love however many months later. I don't know how VA casting is done in Japan, though, so I could just be jumping to conclusions.

Anyway, I have a clip that features Mr. Hayami, along with his 08th MS co-stars Kikuko Inoue and Nobuyuki Hiyami that I found on the Japanese homesite promoting the 08th Tean anniversary boxset that came out a few years back. I apologize it it's been posted before, though I'd love to know what they're discussing since I'm not a Japanese speaker ._.

So yeah, n00b aboard :)
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