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New CD

Hayami-san is coming out with a new CD called Pure Voice Message - 'Voice ~ Dakara Anata Ni'. Which will have tracks like counting sheep, comforting words, encouragement, scolding, etc. It will have 20 tracks, and it's about 38 minutes long. It's being released on August 10th, which is the same day as his birthday party and concert. Oh, and the front cover is a picture of Kaiser ^_^ (It actually says "Series 1" right on the cover of the CD, so it makes me think that he's going to do more of them in time). You can go here for more info:

The cool thing about this CD is that some of the tracks that are on it were picked by fans! ^_^ The staff were accepting suggestions for a period of three days last week (at that time about half of the tracks were already recorded), because they wanted to see what people wanted.
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