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Happy Birthday Hayami-san!
I hope he has a wonderful birthday and gets everything he wishes for.  

Hayami-san turned 48 today (Aug. 2nd). He even had a birthday party that members of his fan club could go to . . . was anyone here able to go? I'd love to hear about it. ^_^ I think I read that he asked a question about his age or body or something? o_O The people on his BBS keep saying something about how he should take care of himself and to please "persevere" because the body is important....(or that's how babelfish is translating it anyways....) if anyone has any information on it, I'm very curious.

Also, I have a question. if you don't live in Japan, are you able to be in his fan club? I've tried signing up for it, but it didn't work . . . ;_;
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